Classic Cane Covers

Looking for a way to decorate your cane? Are you tired of that "surgical steel" look? Please check out my Fabrics Pages for covers for various types of canes. If your type of ambulatory aid is not here, contact me at my E-mail address and I will try to figure out something for you.

Classic Cane Covers was developed to provide an inexpensive way to decorate an assistive device. When searching for a cane that was attractive and fun to use, I found that there were some beautiful products available, but they were very expensive. Also, once purchased, there was no opportunity to change color or design. Classic Cane Covers gives you the flexibility to have an assistive device that matches the season, holiday, outfit, or mood. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

To best utilize this website:

  1. Go to the FABRICS link and browse through the fabric choices. There are several different groupings of fabrics to choose from. Click on the grouping and browse through them to see which ones you like.
    Please remember: first time customers get one cane cover with the starter kit, so choose one fabric for that. Then if you want more fabrics, list them individually. Only one starter kit per cane (first time order) is necessary. Additional canes will need a separate order form with new measurements, and a new starter kit.

  2. Go to the ORDERS link to the left. Determine whether you have a rubber tip or a tri/quad cane (see illustrations on order form page). Choose the correct order form, and print it out. Fill out ALL the information, including the measurements, which are very important.

  3. Once the order form is complete, please mail the form, along with a check (made out to me, Merri Zielenski), to the address on the form (or see below). Feel free to email me with any questions. It may take a day or two for me to get back to you; I don't always get to check my email.

  4. *I have had this business for more than five years, and have been published in The National Multiple Sclerosis Society magazine, "Inside MS", in 2003.